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Firewood is our only business...

  • Our only business is producing & selling firewood.

  • Poor quality firewood usually originates from part time firewood sellers looking to take advantage of the seasonal market.

  • We ONLY produce the highest quality firewood.

  • Landscapers, tree services, nurseries cannot match the knowledge and quality we provide.

  • Call us if you think your current firewood delivery service is shorting you 

Custom Firewood Delivery Options...

  • We work with every business individually.

  • We are acutely aware of the evolving needs of a commercial kitchen.

  • YOU dictate the type of firewood YOU need, custom to YOUR kitchen. 

Responsive service...

  • Honesty and professionalism are the foundation of our business.  

  • We deliver customer satisfaction is about providing timely, responsive service with integrity, simplicity and a passion for excellence while meeting or exceeding our your expectations. 

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