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Don't get burned when buying firewood…

There are many ways you can get ripped off when buying firewood.

Here are a few ways to avoid them.

Stacking firewood will be extra..

Always have your firewood stacked.

If you bought a dozen eggs at the grocery store would you be ok with them just being dumped into your cart?

Without proper firewood stacking measurements there is no way to tell the actual amount of firewood you are buying.

This is the most common tactic that we run into when delivering firewood to local homes or businesses in the Austin Texas area. When Bastrop Firewood delivers we stack the wood every time so that you know exactly what you are getting.


“Your house is not within our firewood delivery area, but we can bring it for a little extra”

Unless, they specifically outline an area of operation listed on their website (if there is one at all) be prepared to pay more.

The fees that they charge may sometimes be made up as the conversation progresses.

Be wary of any sort of expenses that are "added on" to the order after it is placed.

Where we deliver…

Bastrop Firewood delivers to Austin, San Marcos, Buda, Bastrop, Pflugerville, and all the way out to Bee Cave for FREE!

We do deliver firewood outside of these areas, such as Killeen, Houston and Dallas etc...

We do charge a delivery fee for these outside areas. However, you will know the price before you buy, not after the delivery is completed.

Paying before receiving your firewood…

Bastrop Firewood is a reputable business.

Our refund policy is stated clearly in our websites terms and conditions and we stand behind it.

Be aware of “companies” selling firewood roadside, as they may not be incorporated or licensed businesses.

When you use Bastrop Firewood you get quality firewood delivered, every time on time.